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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 17, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning this friday, june 17th. a plea for help from the family of missing nursing student michelle lee. volunteers will gather in about an hour to begin the search. >> reporter: partapp reason they are doing this, last week police changed their operation from search to recovery,  believing lee is dead. the family does not believe it. they want to meet at this location on sigh process street a mile from the police station.
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search efforts will start today and continue through saturday and sunday. volunteers are invited to look for the missing nursing student, 8:00 to 5:00 each day. the areas being searched are not being released in advance. she's been missing for nearly three weeks. the family has efforts beginning today. she was last seen may 17th and was at the hospital to take a class. police concluded she was dead and based on that conclusion on the evidence they say, they cannot share the evidence with the public. >> is it frustrating? >> it is but it's an intense
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investigation. but we are going to continue. >> reporter: based on what police said last week, it means something different from what they mean by bring her home. volunteers are required to be 18 years old and wear the appropriate clothing. again, the locations have not been released in advance. time now is 7:03. right now in san jose, hundreds are in line trying to kept a roof over their heads. one program hopes to help
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homeowners stay out of foreclosure. >> this is amazing to see. this is being billed as the save the dream event. there are a lot of people in line here. we have many people here providing same day solutions for homeowners with mortgages for free. they have contracts with all the lenders to make mortgages affordable for those who qualify. they have previously held events back in 2009 and the turnout here is incredible, thousands desperate to keep their homes.
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car reason, how do you think the people can get help today? >> well, this whole thing started out as a bad moment. then after the bad loans the economy changed. that forced good people to not afford their mortgages. >> you say half the people in line here today will walk away with assistance? >> we'll take it to the streets if necessary but also provide solutions because we tell the lenders, reunderwrite the mortgage here. so basically if we can document and verify that the loan is unaffordable, they need to lower that rate. >> you have streamlined this process as well? >> that's right. we have a ticketing system now. people are not waiting as long
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as they were. if we reach a certain point in the day, we can send people home, or give them a phone call or text telling them not to return. >> this is a week long event starting at 8:00 today they close as 8:00 tonight but will be back out here waiting for those wanting assistance to save their home. it is 7:05. a house fire is under investigation this morning. this video was shot by a viewer last night. the fire started around 6:30 at a home on long view avenue. no one was hurt and no word on the cause. police in fairfield call
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instead a bomb squad after they found bomb making tells while serving a want. police say the investigation is ongoing. a quiet neighborhood in oakland is seeing rising crime rates. residents in the oakland his are worried about armed robberies and burglaries, saying there's not enough police officers to patrol the area and they are considering hiring private security companies. the el camino hospital may not clearly separate the money it gets from taxpayers and the money it gets as a nonprofit organization. the grand jury wasn't able to determine where the hospital got its money used to buy the community hospital in 2009.
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it is 7:07. state of the unions at one high school are being ordered to return their yearbooks because of a child pornography photo you believe somehow published in it. officials became aware of the picture tuesday. police are contacting the students who have not returned their yearbooks yet because they could face criminal charges. the photograph was taken at a school dance and the couple in question was seen to be touching inappropriately in the background, not the focus o. picture. time now is 7:08. while the san francisco community light rail service is on track, this is near the underground tunnel. just about two hours ago, light
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rails started running underground again. a lot of people were happy about that. crews worked all night to get that service back up and running. after the power was knocked out yesterday, shuttle buses were in place for this morning's commute but it's back. hopefully eastbound is having a great commute. that's good news around san francisco. let's update the re of the commute. >> i think this is doing fine. if you're trying to get into san francisco, consider using public transportation. bart is good way. traffic is backed up here and this evening may be a little different. a lot of people expected for
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the a's and giants today at the coliseum. you should take bart there. this morning's commute is okay on the northbound 101, traffic moving along pretty well. 7:09, thank you. we have sunshine all over. unless you on the coastline, we are really socked in. a lot of fog there, some of this trying to work its way up. we have an on shore wind and temperatures this morning nice. we actually saw 44 this morning, 48 in sonoma, woodside 49, napa 9 degrees along with kenwood. if you thought it was cool out this morning, it was. just us getting down that low is really impressive. looks like this just wants to hang out south of the golden
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gate now. little cool with fremont starting off at 49 degrees. we have system highs building in saturday and sunday. we'll have higher clouds today and tomorrow, mostly sunny. the cooling trend, windy at times and will be cooler inland, not at the coast. they have not warmed up that much. sunny and cooler today, breezy to windy, 67 and low 80s inland, fairfield 82 with a
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decent breeze. berkeley 65, 82 danville and walnut creek 79, 70s in the valley. it's been cool there the last couple days. woodside # 6 but 50s and 60s daily 6789 fog will clear weather till saturday, rebound sunday, monday and tuesday. thank you. now 7:12 and a big surprise for one man on a fishing trip in monterey bay. he spotted several or california whales inside the harbor. there they are. he shot them on video and joked about the whales coming after his salmon. he says he often scuba dives in that area and was really surprised to see those so close to the wharf.
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it is 7:12. i know where there is a campaign today to allow women to be able to drive a car. and increasing pay scales for two top police positions. >> and an unusual welcome in san francisco. >> and a new job offer for anthony weiner.
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good morning. we have a lot of fog and clouds this morning, 70s and 80s inland. >> we are continuing to follow developing news from arlington,
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virginia, after a suspicious car turned up near the pentagon. allison burns is joining us live from the washington, d.c. news room. we have learned a lot of new information. a person is in custody after being discovered overnight at arlington national cemetery with a backpack that contained materials that raised concerns and there were bags of substances inside. authorities are still trying to figure out what that substance is. >> the item in the backpacks are being further tested. i don't have confirming results of what that is. there was not a device and the products are determined to have been inert. police focused on the vehicle near the pentagon and closed roads leading to the pentagon this morning.
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police say they used a water cannon as a precaution but there were no bombs inside. police believe whatever this person was doing, he was acting alone. the roads around the pentagon are now starting to reopen. thank you. a new hit list showed al-qaeda may be targeting high profile americans. it includes more than 40 people including 26 of the targets and specific names have not been revealed but includes a member of congress, pentagon officials and conservative political pundit. no word yet if security is being stepped up for the people
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on the list. the u.s. is already putting a $25 million bounty on the number two al- qaeda leader. a new campaign is targeting the religious law in afghanistan saying women cannot operate a car. some say it's time for a change. earlier today some women openly defied the law and drove around the capital. supporters of the ban say letting women drive would make it easier for them to interact with male strangers. one candidate is all over the internet this morning, tim pawlenty confronted by a group throwing confetti on him. he was in san francisco appear a book signing at a health
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insurance conference. protesters questioned his positions on gay and reproductive rights. last month confetti was thrown on newt gingrich. and anthony weiner just resigned yesterday and now has a job offer. larry flint, the founder of hustler magazine, just offered him a job and will pay him 20% more than what he paid in con. it would require weiner moving to bevel hill and flint says he'd pay for relocations costs. so far no comment from weiner. the debate over and would release the top commanders by nearly $14,000. the new base salary range is $139,000 to $174,000. city council members say they
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have received a lot of angry e- mails from residents. the city manager says the increase was necessary because deals struck with the union a few years ago allowed sergeant's salaries to outpace their commanders. some are criticizing a deal paying the outgoing chief $384,000 in chief. nathaniel forbes' last day on the job will be june 30th. the transit agency is looking at a $22 million shortfall and there's question whether the severance package could be put to better use. some say it's just 2 cost of doing business. a teacher in san diego county is accused of throwing a beer bash for teenagers. authorities say 56-year-old nancy held brandt threw a graduation party at her house involving about 100 teenagers.
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some of the teens were also caught playing strip poker and police say they couldn't find anyone sober. she's now on leave from her job. the website says there will be a big announcement from the author next thursday at 4:00 a.m. pacific time. the website says the project is not a new adventure book. fans are being encouraged to go on a virtual treasure hunt to find out more. 7:21 and youth of the california researchers are releasing results of a study they took part in to improve memory. the implant was put in mice's brain and they were able the better remember which lever to push to get a reward. scientists say it could reformly be used for patients
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with brain injuries or dementia. time now 7:21, a big less of revenue. we'll tell you the impact one town is feeling. emotions are running high outside a courthouse in florida. >> good morning, traffic on the east shore freeway is off to a sluggish start, very slow. we'll tell you why and what happened.
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in orlando defense attorneys are beginning their second deof defense testimony in the casey anthony murder trial. these are live images from the courtroom in orlando. attorneys called several experts to the stand who testified about various pieces of evidence introduced by prosecutors.
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anthony is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter with duct tape. she claims her daughter drowns in the swimming pool and she's only guilty of covering up the accidental death. >> this was the scene outside the courtroom this morning. fights broke out when two men tried to cut in line for the trial for some of the few seats inside the courtroom. some say this has become more of a national obsession than o.j. simpson and with just 50 seats available, many get possessive about their place in line. >> the sale of the plant in fremont is cutting city revenues. the plant closed last year, sold to tesla motors and reduced the value of the property from $1 billion to
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about $600 million. the city council approved a new $134 million operating budget that say it compensates for the lost revenue. let's go outside and take a look. traffic is slow here getting into san jose. this is a look at the peninsula traffic, still looking good on the 101 and 280. we have fog around the bay really solid toward the coastline. the fog is really starting to thicken up with a lot of upper
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40s this morning. still a really cool morning for mid-june, high pressure on sunday, until then everything to the northwest. sunny to mostly sunny and cooler with on shore wind. the delta breezes are in place. 50s and 60s in lace and upper 70s and low 80s inland. temperatures will start to rebound on sunday and inland monday and tuesday. >> thank you. time now 7:27. an unusual arrest in martinez. the weapon was a garbage can. a string of fires and what residents are saying thorn about this investigation underway. the battle of the bay kicks off. concerns about the parking situation and what you'll need to know if you're going to the game or going to be in the area.
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good morning to you and welcome back. there have been five suspicious fires in ant i don't go in the past two weeks. we have the latest on what these fires have in common. >> reporter: it's a string of suspicious fires. we are in the country man nor
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park area. this is a park writer that sits between two residential streets and with a walking trail in between. you can see a woman walking her dog here, getting a look at the damage for the first time. in some cases the fires here have come within feet of homes. when we talked about five fires, there were three last week and two this week, the most recent happening in front of us. we talked to the couple inside that home and they got a look at how close the flames got. >> it's pretty close. our house is right there. >> did you see the fire there? >> we came out when we heard the sirens. i was teaching a guitar lesson. >> reporter: she thinks it was kids who have started this fire and there have been reports that kids were seen running from the area. all agree those
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spin of fires make things difficult. >> with high grass and high heat, you can have a fire. >> reporter: in the case of one of them last week, firefighters say they were frustrated by the problem but didn't have any solid leads. there were reports kids were seen running from the area. you can see lots of dry grass out here. everyone is hoping this is the last fire they see. thank you.
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it is 7:32. a brawl sent one person to the hospital around 6:15 yesterday evening. a bus was on park street and two teenagers got off the bus and ran away after the fight. police tracked them down and arrested them in oakland. two adults were injured in the fight. one was taken to the hospital and the other refused treatment. martinez police arrested a man who they say attacked another man yesterday afternoon with a trash can. police say the victim, a 50- year-old man, was hit in the face with a # 5-gallon steel trash can. he was taken to a local hospital. police arrested 51-year-old videotape galvin on suspicious of the assault. no word on what was behind the attack. a man accused of killing a
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woman and dumping her body has reportedly confessed. polician know santiago confessed during an interview after the woman's body was found in a garbage bag in the yard of a home here on june 5th. chef exchanged phone calms with the attacker but we don't know their relationship. he's due in court june 27th. one woman has been convicted of more and torture in the death of her 15-year-old niece. shamika davis pleaded guilty by reason of insanity. the next frizz of the trial is the sanity phase, beginning tuesday. prosecutors say she routinely tortured and beat her niece and the little girl's twin brother. she was eventually found dead in the home. she'd been given custody of the
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kids because their mother was addicted to crack. the search is on for new evidence in the brian stowe beating on march 3 social security. now a los angeles tv station reports the attorneys went door to door in hollywood looking for surveillance video from the day of the beating. they hope video will show him with hair and not the shaved head reported by witnesses. the man who admitted to killing two men is apologizing to their families. in a jailhouse interview, he says he doesn't expect four giveness but wants the family to know that he is sorry. at the time of the shootings, he didn't think of the victims as people, he said. he'll be sentenced to 25 years in prison and testified about
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the hit. a man was walking near the train tracks but didn't move as the train approached. police are trying to figure out if clog was involved. redwood city is planning to pick a jury in a case of police using force involving a diabetic build builder. $150,000 was awarded to 50-year- old douglas burns, also known as mr. natural universe. he claims he was suffering insulin shock when police pepper sprayed him, beat him with batons and handcuffed him. jurors said officers were only
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70% negligent. another bay bridge series begins tonight. last month to giants swept the a's, san francisco looking to bounce back from the extra innings loss to arizona. traffic on i-80 was backed up for miles last weekend because u2 fans not finding parking. now operators at the stadium are defending the planning for
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the concert. they tell the tribune it hired full security and opened the gates early. the combination of last minute fans, rush hour, accidents and concert traffic created what they call an anomaly. i knew a lot of people that tried to go and couldn't. >> a strong feeling still. in 19 # 7 bono played a free concert in san francisco and spray painted rock and roll stops the traffic at her panama a. he did that. >> 24 years later, it did. >> some people may remember that. let's take a look at the commute, westbound bay bridge, something stopping the traffic here. backed up out here with lights on. there was an earlier trash on
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the bridge. the commute on the peninsula is doing nicely, 101 abdomen 280 looking good. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. happy friday, everybody. kind of cool on saturday and warmer sunday as we get a northerly breeze. today it's westerly and northwesterly. that was a beautiful shot. sun and wind is cooler today and the sonoma coast looks fog free. saturday breezy and going to be cool saturday morning then
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warmer on sunday. then sunday warmer, monday and tuesday maybe the first 100- degree temperature of the season. we'll be back in thed 50s inland, not at the coast. 60s and 70s for many and low 80s. but the big news this morning was how cool it was for many locations. santa rosa was 47, sonoma 48, mill valley 49. no doubt about the chill in the morning air. you can see some of this. there's a little more than that. that gives you a good idea what's going on and into parts of santa claire valley. if you're heading down to pge,
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it's cold and foggy down there t. wind picked up for some. we have this little sea breeze going. 54 with clear skies going and the meteorology department at san jose state showing sunshine and 55 in fremont. we have 72 for the high there today as temperatures stay nice. the ridge is right there. once this topples over, the wind will turn more northerly. until then, sunny and cooler and all the components are there. well away fa any fog, 50s and 60s near the coast. 67 oakland and 82 danville
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a new retirement from in santa rosa is making history. >> we signed up for this early on because it appealed to us as a gay and lesbian community. >> the fountain growth center will be the first retirement community specifically forless beian, gay, bisexual and transgender retirees. they can house up to 100 seniors. half the units have already been reserved. the units start around $300,000 with monthly fees and the residents can move in by 2013. we have learned phillip
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garrido is in the same unit with one of the most notorious criminals. and what was behind the ruckus at anthony weiner's news conference.
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numbers on wall street are higher this morning, closing on a a positive note for the first week in about six weeks. leading indicators point at least to some slow growth for the next few months. also france's president hinting at a deal to resolve the greek
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debt crisis, really helping the numbers as well. the dow is currently up 88, nasdaq up 7. also out of greece this morning the new finance minister took the oath of office this morning, now in charge of budget cuts and tax hikes so greece can avoid default only its death. there have been large protests on the street. defense secretary robert gate is about to retire in a couple weeks. what's on his final scheduled briefing? >> good morning. secretary gate is going to be retiring at the end of the month and gave his final
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testimony yesterday and addressed the congressional panel to talk about the u.s. relationship with pakistan, admitting right now it's rocky. he also addressed the media for the last time. it's been like a farewell tour of sorts and he talks about the relationship between the press and him and the administration. >> when i first took office, i worried that relationships between the pentagon and the process were always difficult, mostly characterized by mutual suspicion and resentment. i made it a point when speaking to the military to remind them that vigorous and even skeptical press was critical in the freedom under the constitution. >> as a for the of his good-bye
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tour, he also met with troops overseas to thank them for their service earlier this month. later this month, he'll be stepping down. the cia director will be taking his role. it is 7:48. a fellow new york congressman says anthony weiner was very remorseful when he informed him of his decision to resign. he said he'd become a distraction after sending lewd photos of himself to several women. new york's governor could call a special election for either primary day on september 13th or election day november #th. and we are learning more about a heckler who interrupted weiner's resignation speech.
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>> the heckler is benji bronc, a writer for shock jock howard stern. during yesterday's announcement, he shouted out questions about the reporter's body. weiner continued on with his speech and appeared unphased. time now is 7:49. san francisco senator barbra boxer will make a speech habit the u.s. role in afghanistan. she'll be making that speech at the world affairs council of northern california. the obama administration is announcing plans to redeploy troops in afghanistan next month. phillip and nancy garrido are waking up in state prisons this morning for the kidnap and rape of jaycee duggard. phillip will likely have some notorious neighbors as he serves his life
7:51 am
sentences, expected to be in the same unit as charles man son. both men are being kept away from the prison population for their own safety. looking ahead, governor brown promises he'll move heaven and earth to get a new state budget. the $10 billion deficit facing everybody in california. plus terrifying moments at a park after a child gets his head stuck between two concrete walls.
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sacramento might be back to square one after the governor angered his own party by vetoing a democratic sponsored plan. he wants lawmakers to authorize a special election to allow voters to approve tax increases
7:54 am
and tax extenses set to expire on june 30th. >> i don't want to see billion in this borrow, legal maneuvers ant a budget that will not stand the test of time. >> the budget included education cuts and a vehicle registration fee hike. republicans want to cap spending and reform public pensions. california faces a reported $9.6 billion deficit. there's a story about a 2- year-old boy who is safe but his head became stuck between two concrete walls at a park in southern california. he was walking between the two walls when his head became wedged. it was only act a foot half of space between those two walls.
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>> other than just a couple scrapes and bruises, he's okay. new images from outer space are giving scientists a better understanding of the planet mercury. these were taken by the spacecraft mess i thinker. time now 7:54. a head-on click on the golden gate bridge is drawing new attention on the need for a median bearer. only caused minor injuries but traffic was backed up for hours. bridge officials now plan to put in a movable barrier that would hopefully eliminate head- on crashes but it won't be in place for another two years. >> they have been talking about
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that for years. let's check the traffic. let's go outside. i want to tell you northbound 101 approaching san jose, a new accident on 101 past 880, motorcycle down in the lanes. they called for a tow truck and medics. we know it's a harley-davidson. northbound 101, downed harley and the rider in the lanes so we are not sure how serious the injuries are. 85 is a little slow there. you can see traffic slows coming around the corner to the bay bridge toll plaza, backed up at the toll plaza for at least a 25-minute delay. >> sunshine for some and fog over the bay. it's mainly hugging the coastline, not north towards
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the snow ma coast. we'll have sunshine today, a lot of fog not going anywhere till sunday when it will get chewed out by a north wind. west winds coming down off the atmont pass. some 50s and 60s, but those are a couple degrees cooler than yesterday. high pressure will get here but not until sunday. 50s and 60s close to the coast and then upper 70s and low 80s inland today. tomorrow about the same, a chilly saturday morning but sunday is sunny and warmer. 90s come inland monday and tuesday. thank you. we are learning new information about what led police to arrest a suspected serial killer joseph naso. the 77-year-old is charged with killing 4 women between the late 1970s and early 19950s.
7:58 am
dna connects him to two of the women. they discovered the dna of his former wife in the pantyhose around the neck of one of the women and found more dna in the fingernails of another victim killed in 1978. living with explosives. what was in the garage that prompted a call to the bomb squad. and a nonprofit tries to keep homeowners from losing their home, coming up. and a big effort underway right now to find a missing nursing student.
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good morning and welcome back. the search for missing nursing student michelle lee is about to start any moment. this hits very close to home for a lot of volunteers today.
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>> reporter: it does. we are here in a stabling area for the search. these blue shirts are uniforms for another nursing school around they feel like what happened to michelle could have happened to them. there is a foundation here helping victims find lost loved ones. michelle lee was last seen in hayward on may 27th, attending a nursing class at the hospital. for some of people here this morning, those circumstances really hit close to home. >> we didn't know her but we're all increasing students and go to sites and some of us go at
8:02 am
night. we go to the car and come back like any other day. so this is kind of worrisome. >> i can't imagine the pain the family is beginning through. we are just trying to help out. >> reporter: last week they announced they find michelle, they expect the find her dead, the victim of a homicide. the conclusion outraged her family, and they are putting that energy into looking for her, saying they expect to find her alive. if you're going out one of these three days, volunteers have to be at least 18 and we are appropriate clothing. volunteers are not releasing the location. you see the process here, filling out the application with id an then they get their instructions. we don't know yet as i said where the search will be today. that will be released in the minutes leading up to wherever
8:03 am
they are going to go. 2 minutes after 8:00. we are continuing to follow a developing story out of arlington, virginia after a suspicious car turned up near the pentagon. at least one person is in custody. stay with us here. coming up at 8:15, we'll go live to the news room with suspicious items authorities found on the man now in custody. sacramento man faces a dozen charges in a scam where he claimed to be affiliated with pg & e. michael wynn told homeowners he was the head of professional gas and electric and was tied to the company. he was charged with taking the money and not doing to work he promised. penalties say they are paying
8:04 am
twice for a conservation initiative. they paid $60 annually with the money going to protect the forest. critics say environmentalists say they had bought the forest years ago through $50 million in loans and grants from california taxpayers. a program designed to help struggling homeowners with their emergencies is now officially underway. there's a big turnout this morning. >> reporter: it's a huge turnout. the signs say save the dream. to save the dream, this event has a line here that's just started moving because the doors just opened. the line wraps around the convention center here. the founder told us they helped out 50% of homeowners who come out here for this week long
8:05 am
event. >> we have thought, in this the west coast swing. people will come to something that works. reform the man you just heard from the is the founder of the program that helps keep homeowners in their homes. it's called to save the dream tour, providing sam-day solutions for homeowners with unaffordable home mortgages. they are meeting face to face with homeowners here and one homeowner say she and her husband may have to walk away from their home. >> we are retired and were duped into a bad mortgage loan. our payment was $1,500 -- no,
8:06 am
$3,548. >> reporter: we are live here in san jose. the man at the door is the founder of this organization, this nonprofit organization. h greeting every person that goes in here this morning. the last time they had an event here, it was in 2009 but this year these the process is more streamlined. if the wait is too long, they will call or e-mail homeowners to come back. today it began at 8:00 and will end at 8:00 tonight but it is a week-long event that runs through wednesday the 22nd.
8:07 am
thank you. a fire started overnight and we have no word on cause, no one was hurt. police in fairfield called in a bomb squad after investigators found a pipe bomb. they were serving a warrant and found the materials. police say the investigation is ongoing. cite is on the rise in oakland hills. residents are worrying about recent armed robberies, burglaries and other suspicious activity. some say there's not enough police officers in the area and considering buying surveillance equipment. a hospital in mount view is being criticized for the way it
8:08 am
handles its finances. the money may not be separated from the nonprofit money hand the grand jury wasn't able the determine where the hospital got the money in 2009. no public money should have been spent on the acquisition. students at a southern california high school are being told the give back their yearbooks because of what officials are calling an inappropriate child pornography photo published in it. it's a picture of a school dance and a young couple in the background seem to be touching inappropriately. officials became aware of the photo on tuesday. the police are contacting the students who have not given back their yearbooks yet because they could face criminal charges for possessing child pornography. it is 8:08. the special olympics torch will run along the peninsula thorn.
8:09 am
police will escort runners and the relay begins at the stanford park hotel, raising money and awareness for the games, which starts june 24th. light rail service is back on track in time for this morning's busy commute. crews worked all night to get the service up and running after a train hit overhead wires yesterday. so once went, those trains are running just fine this morning.
8:10 am
apparently the next bus system is not working for the rail lines. people rely on those. they have told people it's not working right now so even though the next bus says trains are not running, we have live pictures to prove they are. 880 northbound, the traffic is very busy and this morning's commute is beginning to be okay, doable
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i guess, about 25 minutes delay getting into san francisco at the bay bridge. thank you. we have sunshine for some, still a lot of low clouds around. it will be a cooler day today and sunday look like a rebound. the fog is working its way up the coast. the wind turns a little offshore south of that so it has no problem surging northward and coastal fog, sunny but cooler, breezy to windy at times. we noticed how cool it was this morning, mill valley 49,
8:12 am
woodside low 40s as well. so if you thought it was cool, it was. we have sunshine for many inland areas but could be a tall order on the peninsula. if you're heading over, just a lot of fog. you know, the usual drill burning back to the coast. low 60s but emphasis on low and a lot more 50s. these are 4 or 5 degrees cooler than we saw four or five hours ago. you can see this toppling over because it won't get here till saturday or sunday night. it's a cooling trend inland, not at the coast. breezy to windy at times, sunny, cooler today as the wind kicks in, still some mid-80s
8:13 am
but temperatures in a lot of locations upper 70s and low 80s. 79 walnut creek, 81 in gilroy and 76 woodside. we have a lot of low 70s and 60s near san francisco. we have a warmer breezy north wind on tuesday. it is 8:13. an attempt to pull a fast one but the former leader told police in an attempt to stop arresting him. a real scare as trying the make a traffic stop, a motorcycle drags him down the road. how the cyclist was eventually arrested. and is the u.s. ready for
8:14 am
an online kiber attack?
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time is now 8:16 and we have news out of arlington,
8:17 am
virginia where a man was arrested with a potential bomb in a backpack. we have more on the man in custody. >> reporter: fox news is reporterring the man in custody was a marine in service. police arrested the 22-year-old overnight at arlington national cemetery with a backpack that contained materials that raised concerns, reportedly phrases about al-qaeda and the it will ban. there were bags of substances inside the backpack. police are trying to figure out what the substance is. >> the items are being further tested. i don't have confirming results of what that is. there was not a device and the products found are determined to have been inert. >> reporter: police also focused on a vehicle parked near the pentagon this morning. they used a water can engine on the vehicle but there were no
8:18 am
explosives found inside. police are reportedly searching the man's virginia home right now. thank you. a group made 62,000 addresses and phone numbers public, including aling to a fie only website that's been removed but not before thousands of people reported their amazon, papal, facebook and other accounts were being accessed by other people. the pentagon is getting ready to increase protection of its computers. they admit they are too vulnerable for a cyber attack.
8:19 am
it is 8:18. the former head of international monetary found complained his handcuffs were too tight after being arrested. that is just one of the details revealed about the arrest. the new documents also reveal he claimed he had diplomatic immunity. he pleaded not guilty to his assault and rape charges last wreak in new york city. he's now under house arrest until his next court hearing in july. deadly violence continues to plague mexico and 33 people have been killed in the last 24 hours, five suspected gang members killed in clashes with
8:20 am
security forces and 10 others killed in fighting between rival gangs. officials say the bodies of the remaining victims were found dumped in various locations. dash cam video shows a florida deputy being dragged behind a motorcycle. >> this happened back in march but the video was just released. the biker was going 112 miles an hour on a freeway in west palm beach. as the man took off, the deputy grabbed him below the shoulder but lost his grip after being gagged more than 200 feet. the deputy was not badly hurt and the man was arrested. an unusual case of a power outage. what got tangled in overhead
8:21 am
power lines and how did that get there? the quarreling that caused this snarl. >> and the 280 extension with some slow traffic. more coming up.
8:22 am
8:23 am
good morning to you and
8:24 am
welcome back. looks like bella returned to the lagoon on sunday after a month and a half of rehab. while she was away her brother, blue boy and his girlfriend blanch gave birth to martha. now her brother is territorial and they have decided to move her to a new home. they are hoping she'll be able to visit during the holidays. check out this power outage in montana. a very unusual cause. a young deer became caught in overhead power lines. utility workers say they have never seen anything like this. they are suspecting an eagle picked it up and dropped it, and couldn't retrieve it. 8:24. the newest champions of the national hockey league will
8:25 am
parade through boston tomorrow. sports fans now have new bragging rights with wednesday's victory, the first american city to win championships in all four major sports in just seven years, the patriots, red and now the bruins all hoisted championship trophies over the last 7 years. i'm thinking we can do it. bay area can do that. one is hope. you have to have hope. >> i want to see a little more before we start celebrating. >> it could happen. >> we'll see. i'm skeptical. let's take a lock at the bay
8:26 am
area bridges, traffic on the westbound bay bridge moving along bay bridge traffic looking as normal as possible, bay bridge a little bit worse because of the crash in the 6:00 hour. it will be about a 25 minute delay. we have a lot of fog on the coast, and after that it's sunny but breezy. temperatures ford start cooling off and i tell you wednesday it was hot and yesterday very nice. temperatures cool down, winds pick up and today will be about the same thing. if you're
8:27 am
heading dun to monterey, i would lean on the gray. 50s and 60s, down a couple degrees from wednesday. you can see where it's coming from, just the ridge of high pressure nosing in. 50s, 60s, 70s with low 80s inland and even with the low 80s you'll notice it's cooler with the westerly wind, already there. warmer on sunday, then much warmer monday and tuesday. time now 8:27. the home where a teacher was reportedly serving alcohol to minors what is your occupation police say they found when they went into the house. and you have to see this a florida rental car business frightening scene. it's all caught on tape.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning to you and welcome back. another suspicious fire in antioch, the fifth one in two weeks. >> reporter: residents are taking a look at the latest damage in this area. this is country man nor between two residential streets and there's a nice walking trail in here. as you can see, there's a lot of damage left behind from these fires. the most recent was last night
8:31 am
about 7:30. it happened over here, you can see the daniel and see how close it got to the homes. >> it's pretty close. our house is right there. >> reporter: doris thinks it was probably kids that started these fires. this is a high grass area outside the homes so they are no stranger to fires but this is different. >> we do get fires here. it gets hot and we have high
8:32 am
grass. but it's not been that hot. >> reporter: at the scene dents have taken an active role. in one case last week, neighbors were putting water on the hot spots themselves. firefighters are frustrated by this continual problem. we already have budget problems and follow we're coming out for these fires that are set on purpose. take a look back autohere live. they say in one fire, they had residents lined up with hoses trying to make sure the fire didn't hit their houses. with every fire comes potential that things would get much
8:33 am
worse. things are drying out and certainly they want whoever is responsible for this to be stopped. police say giovanni ramirez attacked ronald stowe outside the dodgers stadium and the lawyers are hope video will show ramirez with hair and not the shaved head reported by witnesses. the man who confessed to killing chauncey bailey and another man is apologizing to their families. he said he doesn't expect four giveness but wants the families to know he's sorry. he says at the time of the
8:34 am
shootings, he didn't think of the victims as people. it is 8:33. a man accused of killing a san jose william and dumping her body in a sunnyvale neighborhood has reportedly confessed. the 47-year-old santiago confessed reportedly during a police interview. the body was found inside a garbage bag in the yard of a home on june 5th. records indicate she exchanged phone calls with the attacker but their relationship remains unclear. he's due in court on june 27th. the debate is growing over public employee salaries as the pay range for the police department's top commanders
8:35 am
will be increased by almost $14,000. the new range is $139,000 to $174,000. the city council members say they have received a lot of angry e-mails from city residents. the city manager says the increase was necessary because of deals struck with the union a couple years ago that have allowed sergeants' salaries to outpace their commanders. there's a $22 million shortfall and some are questioning whether the money could be put tubbier use. transportation officials say it's simply the cost of down business. 8:35. a government watchdog group says a key part of a new air traffic control system is
8:36 am
overbudget and behind schedule, switching from world war t radarrening the to one that uses gps. an information sharing program key to the transition is about $105 million over budget and two years behind schedule. two bills are set to be introduced that would prevent cities from banning male circumcision. it's in response to an issue that qualified in november, banning circumcision on boys under the age of 18. a u.s. house of representatives says he'll introduce the bill to protect male circumcision. some say they are preparing a similar bill. a teach they are san diego county is in trouble. she's facing charges for throwing a beer bash for teenager.
8:37 am
authorities say the 56-year-old nancy held brandt held a graduation party at her home with about 10017 and 18-year- olds. police say they did not find anyone sober and some teens were caught playing strip poker. hildebrandt was arrested and on leave from her job. the city of fremont will be taking a financial hit now that the auto plant will be sold. the plant closed last yore and reduced from a billion dollars to $600 million. the city council approved a new $134 million operating budget to hopefully compensate for losing that revenue. let's check in with sal, watching the commute for us.
8:38 am
>> you know, traffic is slow in some areas. i was hoping it would be friday light i it's backed up all the what to the bay bridge, raining other than's parade. it's backed up for a good long way and also slow on the 580 freeway coming up only 580 coming occupy to the macarthur maize. also this morning, 880 northbound a little better than it was. traffic has been recovering and remember there's and a's-giants game tonight at about 7:00. expect people to be showing up this afternoon. northbound 101, still have a crash near the interchange, backed up in san jose. 280 is your best bet. >> thank you. it's a happy friday, everybody. not the greatest but not bad. we have cool weather saturday,
8:39 am
a lot of fog out there. temperatures are on the roller coaster although the cool will last about five days. this should scour out the fog monday and tuesday, hot out there. we may see our first 100 of the season in sacramento. probably not but there will be some 90s. these are the lows from this morning. we had a lot of 40s this morning and it was a cool
8:40 am
june morning. the fog continues to try and ramp up but puts on the brakes and you can see it there. there's a stronger sea breeze coming over here toward the delta. everything in place here into tomorrow, 50s for the morning lows of upper 40s and low 50s, couple low 60s there. you can see this moving out. we should start to see more of a northerly wind. upper 70s and very low 80s unless you're up toward lake county, some low 80s the outer areas. 74 in santa fe, cool out there or seems like it. upper 50s and low 60s for many
8:41 am
there, going to make it tough to warm will be tough for everybody then monday and tuesday back into the 90s. thank you. police in florida are looking at new surveillance video of a frighten robbery at a car rental shop. three. smoke inside an airplane forced an emergency landing in virginia. the u.s. airways plane carrying 131 passengers, pilots reported smelling spoke 2349 cockpit. they were able to safely land the plane which was headed from charlotte to providence. it's believed an electrical odor came from the rear of the
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
research in motion plummeted 23% after the maker of blackberry gave a weak forecast for the quarter, struggling to compete with the android and iphones. right now the dow is up 75. some of the other top stories right now, this morning volunteers are searching for missing nursing student michelle lee and started arriving at a command center in
8:46 am
hayward about an hour ago. one of the organizers of the expanded search says more searches are planned tomorrow and sunday. hundreds are lined up trying to get help to prevent home foreclosure. huge responses for the event called save the deep. this event lets homeowners try to lower their mortgage payments. and the roads around the pentagon are open again this morning after a marine reservist was arrested overnight. officers say they found suspicious materials on the man, including items related to al-qaeda and the taliban. police are searching his home in virginia now. it is 8:46. we have just learned the u.s. will officially dismiss all criminal charges against osama bin laden. it comes more than six weeks after he was killed by the u.s. military in a raid in pakistan.
8:47 am
he was first indicted in 1988 in charges related to the attack on two embassies in africa. drop to go charges are routine in the case of the defendant being dead. and the fbi found out about a list on a jihaddist list including more than 40 people with names on the hit list including a member of congress and conservative political pundit. word of hit list follows the announcement of a new al-qaeda leader, formerly the group's second in command. the u.s. has put a $25 million bounty on his head.
8:48 am
nebraska's nuclear power plants have taken precautions to protect them from flooding with the mississippi river. the if you can leer rectory commission says the plant and is safe. flood waters are already surrounding it but it's held back by an 8-foot tall barrier. the missouri river is not expected to rise more than a foot above its current level. time now 8:47, firefighters battling three big wild fires. the biggest fire is the wallow fire, now 33% contained. strong winds are expected to come back today. yesterday gusts sparked a fire and people were told they had to evacuate again. in southeastern arizona crews are on a fire that's 65% contained and has burned almost
8:49 am
200,000 acres. the monument fire burned at least 40 homes, jumping highway 92 and sending people in the town of hereford scrambling. it's burned about 11,000 acres and it's about 17% contained. weeks of heavy rain and flooding has destroyed homes and ruined crops in china. another round of heavy rain is expected in china today. time is now 8:49. two teenagers got off a bus and
8:50 am
ran away after a fight but police tracked them down and made an arrest. two adults were hurt in that fight. one was taken to the hospital and the other refused treatment. yesterday afternoon a man attacked another man with a trash can. one man was taken to the hospital and police arrested a 51-year-old only suspicion of assault. authorities are track ago 500-pound back bear that tore through one neighborhood. >> heard a loud noise with
8:51 am
rustling of the chickens. my mom came in and told me there was a bear in the backyard holding onto both side of coop and shaking it. >> after eating from an apricot tree, he returned to the hills t. defense in fact casey anthony murder trial in orlando is starting a second day of testimony. she's accused of dilling her young daughter. we are looking live in the courtroom, seeing what happens as the system goes on in that courtroom. we also have reporters joining us live with a report on what they are focusing on today.
8:52 am
>> reporter: outside the courtroom, it's become a pretty much nightly and daily event. that is, spectators lining up, camping out, sitting on chairs and beds, watching i pads, videos and taking cameras. this morning as they ran across the street to get in line after having already been in line, some people apparently cut places at that opportune moment, not sitting well with a lot of sleep deprived people. obviously a lot of lack of organization there. but the court is now going to clang the rules because the court finds it to be quite embarrassing as spectators are desperate to get in to grab one of the 62 seats available to the public. they will put a little more
8:53 am
order into the process, maybe issuing out a number system. inside the courtroom now, you have a forensic event meteorologist on the stand, an insect expert. he's testifying for the defense this time and he's just been over talking about decompositional fluid. for example, if it was in the trunk of a car, in his opinion, it would be absolutely impossible to completely and thoroughly wipe that car clean. he said there would always be ed of the fluid. last saturday a similar event meteorologist was called by the prosecution and his indication based on the blow flies, dead adults as well as hundreds of larva, he found that something definitely had been decomposing in the trunk of the car. his insinuation was that was
8:54 am
little caylee anthony who died three years ago yesterday. >> thank you. we are following a developing story from southern california t bitter battle involving the l.a. dodgers could footballly be over. the courtroom appearance happening right now. plus this may sound like a joke but the white house has a serious problem with rats.
8:55 am
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8:57 am
8:56. new thorn the bitter divorce between the owns of l.a. dodgers are reportedly over, reaching a settlement and are with their lawyers in a courtroom right now. the white house has uninvited guests@rid of. rats were spotted at a construction site on the south lawn. one actually rose across a podium in the roads garden while the president was speaking. we'll have to say good-bye. thank you for watching.
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